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Welcome to this part of website. This part of the website is going to be used as a library of information for people who are not familiar with the International Trade and International Shipping procedures.

The topics that are mentioned in this section of the website are written by International Trade and Shipping professionals with long experience in various positions in the field. We would like to encourage discussions and information exchange in order to improve and broaden the contents of the library and make them more accurate for the readers.

Most of the cases and examples described are based on working experience with international trade procedures in Europe but most of the procedures are similar also in other parts of the world. So, do take this under consideration while reading the library articles.

We welcome also articles by other professionals in the field in order to add more value to the website and will help more our readers. For this purpose if you would like to send us your article please send us an e-mail to the address: .

The library is currently covering topics in the following areas:

Company Documents:

In this section we try to mention and explain the documents that exporters and importers usually have to prepare or collect in order to make a full set of export documents. In addition to this additional documents and procedures that help in organizing export departments are also mentioned and explained. This part of the website is interesting for companies that do not have a long experience in organizing business structures.

Shipping Documents:

In this section we analyse the  documents that are used as proofs of an international transport which are different depending on the type of shipping method used (air, road, sea, railway). These documents need to be prepared in every export shipment.

Custom Clearance Documents:

In this section we mentioned some of the most often used custom clearance documents in order to give you an idea of what is influencing the rates in import duty and what additional needs to be prepared in order for a full set of exports documents to be available.

International Shipping Standards:

In addition to issues related with document preparation we try in this section to emphasize on some variables and standards that are used in International Shipping. These are factors that need to be considered in order to for exporters to maximize the shipment’s loading capacity and to define clearly in the agreement with the buyer which party is having the responsibility to pay the freight and insurance (if applicable) and who is taking the risk in case something happens to the products during the transit time.

More About Global Trade:

In this section we try to mention other issues that need to be taken into consideration before making an export which are related also to shipping.

Interesting Links:

In this section we add links from websites and organizations whose business is related with international trade and international shipping. We strongly recommend to go through them in order to find additional info that is not covered in this website.


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