Air cargo freight services also need to follow international shipping standard rules. Based on IATA (International Air Transport Association) there are specific types of containers and pallets (called in air shipping as Unit Load Devices – ULDs) which are used for air cargo shipping.

Bellow we will list some of the most common Air Cargo freight container tyes - ULDs – but only for reference to give you an idea of this type of shipping method. The types of ULDs that can be used in an Air cargo shipment also depend on the type of aircraft that will be used for the shipment. Thus, it is important to contact your forwarder / freight agent or airline that you will cooperate with prior to making any detailed estimations. They will be in a position to instruct you depending on the air cargo freight container types that are available in your region.

An additional point that can be made about the ULDs is that that both the containers and pallets used under the international air cargo standards are  produced from aluminium sheets and aluminium profiles. This is a norm in Air cargo shipments because it facilitates aircraft cargo nets to slide easily around the ULDs and grasp them in order to be tied with security on the aircraft. Transportation of products that need specific temperature conditions is also possible as some ULDs are equiped with build in refrigeration units.

Traders who can use these standard container types can benefit from relatively lower freight costs as they help the airlines save valuable ground crew time in loading seperate units one by one. Which also prevents aircraft delays.

Each ULD type is named under IATA standards and prior to the shipment a packing list needs to be also prepared in order to be able to easily cross check what the ULD contains.


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