Tank Containers

20ft Tank Container
Tank containers are used to transfer safely, reliable and cost effective, bulk liquid products around the globe both hazardous and non-hazardous. They are large stainless steel containers that have a tube shape and are held in place using a 20-foot Iso frame. They may also be covered by insulation or protective layer of polyurethane and aluminium. Due to the Iso-frame that is keeping them in place they can be transported by road, sea, rail without any difficulties.

Loading and unloading is made possible in tank containers from the top and the bottom with the use of a pump in most of the cases. A standard tank container has a manhole and at least one valve on the top, and there is a valve at the bottom. Loading and unloading is done by connecting hoses of the loading and unloading facility to the valves of the tank. The loading and unloading process may also be determined by the installation and regulations that exist in certain types of products.