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What is a delivery note or dispatch note

If you need to know What is a Delivery Note or Dispatch Note the below article can provide you with all the necessary information.

Delivery note definition

The Delivery note or Dispatch note is a document that is used to escort the products shipment after they are loaded. It is a document that is compulsory in business practices in most of the countries in europe.

The information the delivery note document contains are related with the quantities of the order and it does not include any values. The reason for this is that sometimes the seller company does not want to risk presenting the selling prices to the forwarder or to any other party that might see them while it shouldn’t.

In International Trade within European countries this document is compulsory when the order is shipped using trucks but in some cases it is also substituted by a packing list document. The packing list though is not a document that all the countries аре accepting as proof of delivery so it is better to use the delivery note instead of the packing list and if the customer/buyer request a packing list to add it in your document set.

At the bottom of this article we have included a doc and a pdf sample file of a delivery note.
You will notice that the following fields are used in our example.

Compulsory fields:

Invoicing and Delivery address or Sold to and Ship to fields.
The reason for this is that sometimes a customer may ask us to deliver to a different address than the one the company is registered with or to deliver to one of his customers etc. Thus, it is important to present in our documents the info of the company we invoice and the info of the company we deliver.

Delivery note number and the date it was issued: In some countries also the time when the document was issued is necessary.
Product Code and Description
Product quantity and measurement unit: Some companies also add in their delivery notes two measurement units (the selling unit and the storing unit) with the respective quantities in order to be easy for their customers to read their documents.
Total Gross and Net weight
Remarks or Comments: It is a valuable field which is used to enable adding other compulsory information that is related with the loading i.e. truck number, packaging etc.)
Delivery terms: This field is referred to the Incoterms and is important in order to define which of the two parties is responsible for any risks during the transport.

Optional but very useful fields:

Customer order reference number: This info is important for the customer when receiving an order in his warehouse. Especially when the trade between the seller and the buyer is frequent and multiple orders can be pending at one instance.

Customer tariff code or EAN code or Harmonized code: This code is very useful when the order has to pass custom clearance. The EAN code is used for identifying the product in the customs.

Net and Gross weight per product line: This info is useful for when preparing some of the custom clearance docs. In order to obtain it automatically the suppliers can add in their software three types of weight (detailed info can be found at the packaging section).

The suppliers order reference number: Useful as it can be used to connect some information during enquiries.

Products Country of Origin: This information is important in some occasions were custom clearance is necessary.


A sample delivery note document in English in .doc and .pdf version is embedded below for your reference. Basically it is a delivery note template which you can consult for your own needs. Delivery note download:

Download (DOCX, 13KB)

Download (PDF, 205KB)

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