Packing List is a document that is requested in some exports. It is a document that is giving information about how the products are loaded inside a truck or container. In a sense it is similar with the delivery note but it provides additional information not only about the quantities per product but also about the quantities and how these are stored on each europallet, pallet or bundle etc.

The document is important in some occasions when the orders need to pass custom clearance as some of the custom clearance documents require a lot of details related with how the products are stored. In addition to this the Packing List is always a useful document which can be used from the buyers warehouse clerks in order to count the material and quantities that were shipped in the order. It helps them save time while counting what is received in the warehouse.

Many times the packing list is used by the custom officers when making an inspection on a shipment. Thus, the document needs to have accurate info and should be easy to read and to be understood.

It is important in this document to list the products by storing unit in the truck. For example, if the order contains 30 pallets and 30 different products were shipped in the truck (one product code in each pallet), the packing list will contain 30 lines of products. Also, if a pallet is having more than one product inside then it needs to be clear on the packing list what quantity from each product this pallet contains.

There is no specific layout format for the packing list. Many times, depending on the type of products that are shipped the layout will look different. What is important to note though is that it needs to be clear what is stored on every storying unit (i.e. on every pallet etc)

A sample Packing List document in .pdf and .xls format is included below for your reference.

Download (PDF, 38KB)

Download (XLS, 22KB)

To be noted that sometimes and especially when the products will travel through air cargo in addition to information per pallet it is also important to specify on the packing list the dimensions per storing unit (i.e. dimension per pallet or bundle, width, length and height). This information is important for air cargo companies as the space in the airplanes is limited. But this is a topic we will cover in another section of the website.

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