Picking List is a document which is given to the warehouse clerks in order to prepare the products that an order contains. In this document it is important to specify all or some of the the following information (depending always on the company structure):

When the supplier is having more than one warehouse this information is important in order to give to clarify to the warehouse clerks were to go in order to pick it up.

Warehouse position:
In big warehouses were companies store a lot of products codes the warehouse lot number as it is usually named is important during the pick up procedure as it helps the clerks to pick up the products faster. Thus, the picking list needs to include this information.

Invoice to and Deliver to Information:
This information is useful for identifying which is the customer cause sometimes this info is used in order to identify the order.

Measurement of Unit:
A lot of times the unit of sale is different than the unit of storing in the warehouse and it can be ambiguous for the clerks what quantity to pick up. Example, we might be selling per piece but store in cartons and not sell less than a carton. In this case the Picking List needs to mention the measurement unit that is important for the collection.

This field is very straight forward. How many such measurement units need to be collected.

Product Description and Code:
This information is also necessary. It will depend on how the warehouse logistics are organized. Sometimes, only the code is used in the picking lists as this is how the products are labeled on the shelves. But, it is always a useful additional info to include also the description. It can help in double checking the product in case the code is looking identical with other codes in the warehouse.

Weight per Measurement unit:
This info is important when there is specific law in the country the warehouse is located about the weight the clerks can lift. It is also a useful info in case a product is too have and needs two people to lift it etc.

After the order is picked the clerks need to specify what type of packaging they made for the order as a whole. This is information that is on the delivery notes and shipping documents and it is good to be available the moment the order is picked in order not to loose time later on asking about it.

Order ref number:
This information is useful when it comes to connecting this process with a later stage (dispatching). Usually in ERP systems the customer order is remodelled to dispatch or delivery note. So it is important for the person who receives the picking list information after the pick up has been made.

Additional information that are useful to specify are:

  • Customer delivery and invoicing address
  • Picking List number
  • Date the picking list was created
  • Date the picking list was prepared
  • Name and signature by the clerk who prepared the order
  • Name and signature from the supervisor of the warehouse during that shift
  • Total weight (gross and net of the order). This information is also important as a double check of the weight of the order as depending on the loading country or the destination country there might be limitation on the total kg that can be transferred.

Below you may find an sample Picking List document in .pdf and .doc format for your reference.

Download (DOCX, 13KB)

Download (PDF, 202KB)

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