The Proforma Invoice is a document which has the same usage as the order confirmation document. In fact it can have exactly the same layout as the order confirmation document we described in a previous section of the website. The only thing that needs to change in the form comparing with the order confirmation document is the actual name of the document (instead of Order confirmation its title has to be Proforma Invoice).

The purpose of the Proforma Invoice document is to define the commitment of the seller to the buyer at specific sales terms and vise versa. In some countries this document is requested from the banks when a cash in advance payment needs to be made prior to dispatching an order. If this is not a prerequisite in a country and the trade agreement is based on other payment terms the Proforma Invoice is not compulsory and the order confirmation document is enough to clarify the commitment between the two parties.

A sample Proforma Invoice .pdf and .doc file is attached below as an example for your reference:

Download (DOCX, 13KB)

Download (PDF, 206KB)

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