The Commercial Invoice or just Invoice is the document that holds the information about the value of the order shipped. This document is compulsory. It looks very much like the delivery note but some additional fields are necessary or are usually added to provide more clear information.

Additional compulsory fields added in comparison with the delivery note:

  • Price per measurement unit
  • Net value per product line
  • Invoice Net and Gross value
  • Delivery Note Number and Date

Additional optional but very useful Fields:

  • Salesman responsible for this client
  • Discount percentage if the company’s pricelist policy is based on discounts
  • Price per measurement unit after the discount
  • Payment terms: i.e. payment 30 days after invoice is issued or cash on delivery etc.
  • Vat percentage and amount: when an export is made the vat amount is always zero as VAT is not something charged during any export.

An example commercial invoice document in .pdf and .doc format is enclosed below for your reference.

Download (DOCX, 13KB)

Download (PDF, 206KB)

Basically, the commercial invoice can be identical with the sample order confirmation document provided this website with the only difference that the heading of the document has to be different.

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