Export Declaration is document issued by the customs authority in every country in order to permit an export to take place. This is an official document that is prepared in every export. For exports that take place within European Union countries this document is not necessary as there is a free trade between them but if for example a country that belongs to EU wants to export to a country that does not belong to EU this document will need to be prepared.

In such cases the document is prepared no matter the method of transport (road, sea, air, railway) and in addition to being an export license document it is also used by the statistic authorities of the export country to collect data about its foreign trade.


Below you may find some examples of Export Declaration Documents and how they look like in US and in Greece.

Download (PDF, 127KB)

Download (PDF, 849KB)

To be noted that the Export Declaration document is not usually send to the buyer. It is usually submitted to the last customs office of the export country. In some occasions though there are custom authorities (i.e. in Ukraine) that request it during the import procedure in order to make some additional cross checks. Thus, some additional copies of the export are prepared o serve this purpose.

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